A poetic yarn – Book spine poems for knitters

A poetic yarn – Book spine poem for knitters

My 6th grader came home from a visit to the library telling me she had helped the librarian make book poems.  “What is a book poem?” I asked.   So it was then I learned about stacking books using their titles to create a poem.  I have a few books of my own and decided to see what I could come up with from my very own collection.  It turns out that my favorite is a knitting poem.


Morning by Morning Knitting on the Edge Three Cups of Tea Knitting Over the Edge Midnight’s Children Knitting Beyond the Edge. Knitting Never Felt Better!


Interestingly, but at the same time, I found books stacked and bejeweled with hand-made velvet-ribbon book marks and decided to decorate my book poem. As you can see, I also added my Serena bag to the display.  (My first shawl is in process in this bag!)


I ordered the velvet ribbon from MJ Trim, and the ribbon crimp/ends from Hempcraft on Etsy.  I have been collecting charms and beads and treasures I already own to decorate the book marks.  This is a work in progress, as I really want to add a lot more!

Here is the original idea that I fell in love with.   This blog also lists some other great ideas. 


What poems are in your library?


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