Felting a cupcake


This year I wanted to make some felted pincushions to give as gifts. I decided to try the Little Cotton Rabbits cupcake pattern for the project. This pattern is not knitted in the round and has a separate base, but it knits up very quickly, and the piecing doesn’t take long either.

cupcake3Now these cupcakes are super cute, but I think felting is much better for a pincushion. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, other than the yarn and needles. I used Pattons Classic Wool and US size 9 needles. I did softly stuff the cupcake, as I wanted the shrinkage to compact the stuffing. This is what it looked like prefelted.


I put my washing machine on hot temperature, low water setting, placed the cupcake in a pillow case, washed it and then dried it in the dryer.


It came out really looking more like a ball than a cupcake, but there is no need to panic — you can always rewet and refelt to get it even smaller.

I did this, and while it was still wet, I shaped it and placed the cupcake in a muffin pan…


and put the muffin in the oven. I preheated the oven to 350, turned the oven OFF and placed the cupcake in. Note, I used a clay baking pan as opposed to metal. If using metal, you should use lower temperatures, I would think.


This helped to mold the cupcake into a more pleasing cupcake shape.  I completely dried the cupcake by repeating the heating process for the oven and then finishing up in the dryer.

No one wants a fuzzy cupcake, so I shaved it with a disposable razor. You can use a sweater pill remover too.

Now for the decorating! I chose a fabric strip with gathered lace placed across the top. I hand sewed this to the cupcake, added pins for “beads” around the strip and around the center of the frosting and topped it off with a vintage lace flower and sparkly rhinestone button!


I am delighted with the way it turned out! I like the neutral colors enhanced by a little bit of embellishment. But I also want to try some with more color in the yarn, maybe some pink or blue frosting.

This cupcake pincushion is for Chelsea, my wonderful teaching assistant who helped in the Intro to Fashion Design Class this semester. Not only did she do an incredible job but she is very talented and a lot of fun to work with too.

Of course I used my Yarn Owls to hold the yarns while I worked! The medium/small project size Owl holds the Patons Classic Wool with no room to spare.



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