Five Minute Zippered Pouches

I have been having fun with Pet Screen! For those who may not know, Pet Screen, or Pet Mesh, is a vinyl or plastic coated screen material that is designed to resist tearing. It is very flexible and can be embroideried on. Also, bonus, it is super easy to sew as well.

screenbag screenbag2

I embroidered the designs as usual, but I was careful to use a black stabilizer and bobbin thread on the black bag so there would be no bright white showing through!

When I got ready to sew the bags, I sewed the zipper in, right sides together with the mesh, pressed the seam allowances along the stitching line (using a press cloth) and then top stitched. Next, I unzipped the zipper about half way (for turning later) and sewed all around the bag with a straight stitch and then again with a small zigzag (just to be sure!) Then I clipped the corners, made sure my seam allowances were straight and pretty and turned the bag right side out. Again, I used a presscloth when pressing. Truly a 5-minute bag. You can see from the inside photo that the seam allowances are almost invisible.


I will definitely be doing more of these fast bags!

The design on the white bag is Kokeshi Knits from Embroidery Library. The bees are from Renae Lindgren’s collection, Maggie’s Garden. Fabric Depot has the mesh in several colors. I love the mint green.


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