Summer Knitting

I love to visit yarn stores while on vacation.  Yarn is a great way to remember a trip.  Making something for myself out of yarn purchased on vacation most likely means I will have the item to enjoy for a long time to come; and while knitting the project, I can spend time thinking back on all the great vacation memories.

I finished two vacation projects this summer.  The first one is the Flutter Scarf by Miriam Felton.  I purchased the pattern on Ravelry, but she also has her own website here  I bought a skein of Tilli Tomas Symphony Lace at Purl Soho in New York.  The store was displaying white projects and yarns when I visited.  It was a beautiful display and contrasted nicely with the Liberty of London cotton prints in the store.  I drug a friend into the store with me, and she waited patiently while I selected the yarn, paid, and then had it wound.  It was a wonderful day, and I hope to visit Purl Soho again soon.

After the vacation; however, the yarn sat for a while, content to be cuddled  occasionally.  The problem was that I couldn’t find a pattern I liked that took the amount of yarn in the skein, and I didn’t want to spend the money for another skein.  When I found the Flutter Scarf pattern, I began to consider the idea of adding another yarn, to create stripes.  Initially I thought I would stripe vertically but quickly realized that was beyond my skill level to figure out where to change the yarn, so I settled for the horizontal stripes.  I found some yarn (more like a thread, actually) that had sequins attached and thought the contrast between the soft Symphony Lace and the thread-like “yarn” would be interesting.  The thread-like yarn was hard to knit.  It sprang off the needles regularly (don’t examine the yarn overs too closely).   Thank goodness for lifelines!  In the end, and it did seem like it took forever, I have a scarf that I absolutely love.

scarfsmall                   scarfsmall2

Last summer we stayed a couple of nights in New Orleans while on vacation.  I found The Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter and fell in love with this store and the way their yarn was displayed.  It was an explosion of color and texture, and they wrapped each skein of yarn in colorful tissue paper.  I love this store.    I bought Malabrigo worsted weight yarn in Frost Gray to make the Talia Vest by SweaterBabe.    This pattern is a free one.  I have also bought the Extra Spicy Mustard sweater pattern from her, which I plan to make soon.  SweaterBabe found my Yarn Owls soon after I opened my Etsy shop and gave me a great review.  I have been interested in the Talia pattern for quite a while and was excited to make it.  The pattern was so well written and very easy to knit.   This was my first time knitting with Malabrigo yarn, and it was wonderful.  I am so excited about this vest, and I think it is another item I will wear and enjoy for a long time.  Besides photos, I can’t think of a better vacation souvenir than yarn!

talia full



I used the large Serena bag for the Talia vest and the regular Serena bag for the Flutter scarf.


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