Out with the old and in with the new!

This time of year seems like the perfect time to change the things we aren’t happy about into things we love and want in our lives.  With this thought in mind, I ended the old year, and started out the new year, with a couple of recycled projects, one for knitting and one for sewing.

Three years ago, I took a winter vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico and bought some Berroco  Boraelis yarn as a souvenir.  I love the yarn but didn’t love what I made with it, a hooded scarf.  The hood doesn’t stay on very well.  I found the Dropped Stitch Cowl pattern by Abi Gregorio (free on Ravelry) and finished cowls for sale at Abi’s Etsy shop, Red Comb Vintage.  I decided to make this cowl and some boot cuffs.


The cowl turned out great.  I think this yarn is beautiful, but it doesn’t show its beauty in photos and is really a yarn made for close inspection.

The boot cuffs I am making are Boot Candy boot cuffs by Sara Gresbach for Addisma Designs on Ravelry.  I made one pair for a Christmas gift.  The cuffs knit up quickly in bulky weight yarn.


The cuff is on the left, and the scarf I am unknitting is on the right.  The cuffs have cables, which won’t show up well in this yarn, but I think the effect of coordinating the cuffs and the cowl together will be nice anyway.  I have two rows to go and will start the second cuff!

What has taken most of my time and will continue to take my time until after the DFW FiberFest in March, is sewing for my booth.  I am so excited!  However, I also will be keeping new and fun things coming in the Etsy Shop as well.  The newest listing is really an old thing…an old dress in a beautiful fabric.


I transformed the dress into two Serena bags and two sets of Stitch Hoodies.  What do you think?



The fabrics for lining  and coordinating dots in the Hoodies are new materials.

I love the idea of making the old new, not just with things, but with our lives as well.  I wish each of you a bright and shiny new year full of the best of the old and new.


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