Stitches West

I have returned from Stitches West, have the Etsy Shop full of goodies once again, and am  buying new fabrics as I prepare for DFW FiberFest

My friend Sharon volunteered to go on the road trip (3700 miles round trip!) to California from Texas. Reactions from friends were mixed, with “you’re driving!?!?!” being the most frequent comment. There were a few hearty “I love road trips!” and for those few, I say thank you!  I love road trips too!

What we saw:

El Paso!





The Winchester Mansion!







What we did

When I wasn’t driving I knit a sweater for my great nephew, Martin  who was born February 23rd, the day we made it home!  I am finishing the sweater this weekend.



Met some current customers! This is Trisha who has been a long-time customer and Facebook fan. She looks great! I look tired (this was market preview after set up day.) We also met a lot of new customers, quite a few of those were thanks to Trisha!



The best part of the show is meeting customers, new and old.  The Stitch Hoodies were a huge hit! One knitter told me she had been using binder clips to hold her needles together. I tried this out and prefer the Stitch Hoodies!  🙂



Knowing that my products can make our craft more enjoyable is so satisfying!

What I loved

I got to see Miss Babs! She isn’t coming to DFW FiberFest this year. This is some Sojourn cashmere/silk that traveled back to Texas with me!


The book, Betsy Beads, by Betsy Hershberg. I love small projects, interesting yarns and beads. Searching for the perfect combination of beads and yarn is part of the fun!


A Verb for Keeping Warm.  Kristine Vejar had written a book on natural dyeing. Her yarns were so beautiful! My biggest regret is not buying the skein I fell in love with, as I cannot find it on line  😦 has some beautiful and unique designs.  The company doesn’t allow photography in their booth, so you will have to check out their website or on Ravelry.








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