5 Shawls, 5 Days

I participated in Aroha Knits #5shawls5days project on Instagram this week.  The assignment was to explore the techniques of 5 types of shawls.  Here are my final 5!


I found this to be a fun and educational project!  I loved looking at all the pics on Instagram.  If you aren’t familiar with the project, use the hashtag on Instagram to see all the tiny shawls.

Knitting these tiny shawls reminded me that getting started on a project is my least favorite part.  I love planning new projects, but I like knitting much better when the project has grown to the point that I can feel the weight of the knitting on my needles and have it resting in my lap.  The time when the knitting reaches this stage is my favorite point in the project!  Of course, closer to the end I do get impatient — ready to finish and cast on a new project. What is your favorite stage of a knitting or crochet project?




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