DIY Dinosaur Planters

My daughters and I took a trip to Austin in June and had a great time shopping, kayaking, eating and just walking around.  Alli and I discovered  dinosaur planters while shopping and fell in love.  She bought a cactus in Austin and decided we would make our own dinosaur planters.  I bought our dinosaurs on Amazon.  After reading reviews on size, we decided we needed the “jumbo” dinosaurs.


The Tardis is a Yahtzee game.  I took this photo for size reference for Alli, who was not home with the herd arrived.

dino 2    I marked an opening for the planter and cut it out using an X-Acto knife, and Alli got busy painting.  We used several brands of acrylic paint.  The dinosaur being painted in this photo (triceratops), was painted with FolkArt  paint  by Plaid.  It only needed one coat.  The green dinosaur below took 4 coats of another brand.  This dinosaur, however, wasn’t from the Amazon herd, so  I don’t know if it was a difference in the dinosaur or the paint.

dino 3

Our dinos are hanging out on my hutch along with fashion themed plates.  Its a strange combination but I like it!