Georgia High School Rodeo Queen Dress, May 2014

smallcocoon              small cocoonback

Anonymous Was a Woman, Exhibited in 2013

small cocoon closeup

Close-up detail – Fabric made with yarns and wash away stabilizer, embellished with silk organza envelopes created using an embroidery machine and featuring photos of 13 generations of women in my family and miscellaneous articles from our family history, including WW II ration stamps and a 1939 World’s Fair coin.

meagan wedding

meagan wedding back               dress-closeup-373x500

Wedding Dress, 2010

beard professional work1

Bernina Fashion Show, 2008


beard professional work2

Bernina Fashion Show 2007








5 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. MParnell says:

    My daughter is a cowgirl and is looking for a prom dress to fit her sense of style. She loves the rodeo queen dress from 2014. Could that dress be made for her and how much would it cost?

    • The dress was $1500. You can email me at beardsews@gmail.com, and we can discuss more regarding size, where you are located, when you will need it, etc. The original dress is for sale by the owner, if it would fit, I can provide her email to you. Thanks for your interest!

      • MacKenzie says:

        I tried to email but shows invalid! My number I’d 832-712-4488. Are you Serena and your daughter Jessica Bell?

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