Leather and Lace Fingerless Mittens

I have been so busy this year between teaching and preparing to be a vendor at the DFW FiberFest, that I had little time for knitting.  All that changed when I purchased the Leather and Lace Fingerless Mittens kit from Buffalo Wool Company while at the DFW FiberFest.  Knitting with buffalo is on my knitting bucket list, and I really liked this pattern!

The yarn is called 2Sexy and has buffalo down and silk.  I tried on the sample glove in their booth and it was luxuriously soft.  The mitten slid onto and encircled my hand with cushy softness.  It wasn’t snug but it wasn’t too loose – a perfect fit!

I didn’t check gauge on this project. I usually have to go down a needle size and did so for the gloves. I made the medium/large size. My gloves fit very well, but they are more fitted than the sample glove I tried on. I do wish I had used the needle size called for. I have A LOT of leftover yarn, which disappoints me as this yarn was expensive. I will need to find a project for the left over yarn.

fingerless mitts

These knit up very quickly.  Even with my limited knitting time, I finished them in 2 weeks.  I needed a quick and easy project.  It felt wonderful to have the needles in hand again!  I know I will love wearing these in the fall. One disappointing thing is the laddering I wasn’t able to avoid.  I am knitting in the round using two circular needles.  I can avoid laddering on DPNs but haven’t figured out a trick for this on the two circulars.  On the  second glove, I moved the space between the needles to the side of the glove so it would be less conspicuous.

photo 1

I did knit these using a small Yarn Owl.  I got a JawBone Up for Mother’s Day and was able to walk around and knit to increase my steps — I love multitasking.  🙂

photo 2